What is this No Nonsense approach?


Todd’s – No Nonsense approach, is based on his experience, beliefs and basic core values; Todd has prided himself to be: conscionable, scrupulous and honest. He believes himself to be a principled business owner holding himself to the highest moral and ethical standards and accountability. 

His approach is to listen first, and then inspect thoroughly to identify all the issues and needs of customer. With 18+years of experience, his knowledge of detection and monitoring along with honest communication, Todd will recommend the means best suited to meet your pest control needs. Upon your acceptance and consent for service, MyPesTenders will commit to provide the highest level of skilled, professional and most-current effectively proven methods of service. 

The final step: As mentioned before: An Ounce of Prevention – as they say; this is the final step to Todd’s no nonsense approach and is key in delivering a safe healthy environment for many years to come. Choosing our “Ounce of Prevention Service” will give you peace of mind and best of all, IT WORKS! 

Whether you desire weekly, monthly or our recommended Annual Pest Control Service with Quarterly Treatments, be sure to add, “An Ounce of Prevention service, it’s sure to bring results. *Preforming Treatment Proactively (acting in advance to a future situation rather than just reacting) is the basis to Todd’s  No Nonsense Approach- a straight-forward; no-risk service that delivers solutions with results that work.


What does Todd’s No Nonsense Approach include?

  • Free Comprehensive Pest Inspection with No Nonsense Approach (includes Pest, rodent and termites)
  • We give you more than our word. Our effectively proven methods guarantee results that work!
  • We do our Tending using Diligent, Vigilant and Proactive Defensive Measures.
  • Our Basic Steps: Listen_ Inspect_ Identify_ Commit_ Treat_ Protect_ Prevent
  • We identify the issues and implement a solution.
  • Treat and Protect against threat and health risks.
  • Our products are environmentally friendly and safe for adults, children, pets and property.
  • Follow the strictest protocols.
  • Commit to your service.
  • We guarantee that you’ll be completely satisfied or we’ll come back at no charge until you are.
  • Peace of mind that we will stand behind everything we do.
  • We protect your home and your budget with our affordable, comprehensive pest control services
  • We offer services for the business, residential seasonal and absentee homeowners
  • Easy payment options: pay monthly or per service (three times a year) or yearly up front.
  • Core Beliefs: Treat everyone including pets with kindness and respect.

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