Rodent Control

Mice Rats and More (Rodentia)

Rodent species includes mice, rats other very intelligent mammals these pests have advanced capabilities. They can actually learn how to avoid baits. They carry diseases which can be contracted by coming in contact with rodent feces, saliva, or urine, being bitten or handling a rodent. Rodents love to chew through drywall, wiring and wood they do not eat these things as most believe but in fact the chewing or gnawing is to sharpen their teeth and create nests but they will eat any type of food they can find. For most homeowners it can be shocking opening a cabinet door to find rodent droppings. Some homeowners have actually reported hearing scurrying and scratching from behind a wall or in the ceiling while watching television. Could you imagine; being awakened from these sounds; this would quite frankly cause concern in my household.


If you do find signs of any species of rodent your home or business,

We will promptly inspect to identify the type of species and recommend a course of treatment.

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