Lespisma sacchrina (Linnaeus)

What Are Silverfish? – Silverfish are found throughout South Florida; small grey insects with a shiny look that somewhat resembles fish-scales; they are wingless and they move in a wiggling motion; hence the name. 

Silverfish move quickly but cannot climb walls. They like the dark, warm and wet areas so you can find them in bathroom sinks, tubs and up in your attic. They are considered household nuisance because of their eating habits, I kid you not; they will eat clothing and fabrics like cotton and silk. If you own a tapestry; you should know they will be coming for dinner.

Silverfish love the ingredients’ in glue and industrial adhesives so you will find them eating carpet, snacking on a good book binding or photos in a scrapbook. They will even damage the wallpaper in your home just to get to the paste. So while causing damage and destruction to your personal belongs and property this fishy little pest comes with some good news; they do not transmit diseases.

If you do find signs of any pests in your home or business,
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